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It may sound a bit strange but there are actually sometimes opportunities to get a free SMS loan. However, it is in somewhat special circumstances and the idea from the lender is to get a loyal customer. http://www.freedomtoons.org/channels-to-request-installment-loans/ for further explanation

Free SMS loans for new customers

 Free SMS loans for new customers

The way a lender makes money is to charge interest on all loans, this is no special oddity. When it comes to the free SMS loans that sometimes exist, the lender does not make any money, which can be a little strange with how a company that wants to make money works.

It is for this reason that it is only for brand new customers that they offer free SMS loans. There are also only a few players who offer free SMS loans at all and this can vary. Sometimes someone has a campaign that says new customers can borrow for free. The campaigns may also be that the new customers may borrow money at a greatly discounted price.

Why lend for free?

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The fact that they lend for free has one purpose and that is to get new customers who borrow from them. Their hope is that these new customers will then choose their company if new loans are acquired in the future. It is precisely with this that you who are looking for a free SMS loan should look out for.

It is not wrong at all to choose a lender that offers free SMS loans. There is nothing that says you have to borrow money again from a loan institution where you previously borrowed for free. The risk is that they are clearly more expensive than any other possible lender the next time you borrow.

Therefore, always have the habit of comparing prices between different lenders before deciding to borrow again. If it turns out that the ones you borrowed for free last time hold a good price then it is just to run them again without any problems.

Who lends for free?

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Here on the site you can find comparisons of a large number of loan institutions that deal with micro loans and then also of SMS loans type. In our comparisons you will find quickly if they offer free loans to new customers or if they have other offers.

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